specifically designed for small & medium sized OEMs

Realize the financial potential of improved efficiency.
Become a major player in the industry
for fraction of the implementation costs and low monthly payments.


The implementation period depends on the needs and requirements of the customer.

Diversity and complexity of the product line as well as the type of features requested dictate time-to-service. (average time is between 90-150 days);

The implementation process requires minimum OEM staff participation.


During the implementation process, the typical OEM customer support operations are never interrupted.

The document conversion from standard media to an electronic format minimally interferes with the typical support activities.

The Customer Support Portal may be implemented in stages following a successful testing period and customer satisfaction.

Resources & Operating Costs

Efficiently managing your personnel, suppliers, equipment and time.
Streamlining operations, reducing service costs, travel and labour.

The average implementation costs include:
Up-front preparation of company website, database and documents for online presentation. The most significant portion being the conversion to electronic document. This process is competitively priced, with an option of transferring the charges and amortizing over time.
A monthly service fee based on the complexity and quantity of implemented features as well as the number of active customer accounts. The benefits of an improved corporate image, increase in customer service and sales and guaranteed return on investment marginalize the expense.


Compete on the next level of business.

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Close to 20 years now my companies rely on AMS IT services. They always come with innovative and cost-saving solutions.

Fil Filipov

Private Investor, Owner and Chairman, Atlas GmbH

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We have seen significant increases in user activity in our PartsOnline section with our user accounts increasing by 800% from 20 accounts to 200 accounts in the first 5 years.

Jeff Long

Manitex, Inc.

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The Parts OnLine concept is solid and I recommend it to those who are looking for a good value, great support, and a professional online experience.

Dan Dulevich

Schaeff Lift Truck, Inc.


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